Friday, August 1, 2008

First Wash

Ok so tonight I washed my SL's for the first time. I did as my consultant instructed. She did tell me I could just bundle them and then band, but I opted for the extra protection in braiding and banding. All went well. I used the SL starter shampoo. Since I banded by turning the ends up and then banding, just pulling the part that I had turned up, the band just came off easily.
Ok so that pick isn't cute, but who's cute when they are going through the wash part, (LOL). After taking down all the braids I let my hair air dry. I'm planning on trying to do a braid out. I'll re-braid my SL's with them being a little wet and then take it down tomorrow. Wish me luck. I know the braid out's look great on the ladies with mature locks, so not sure how this is going to look on my newborn SL's.


3girlsmomma said...

Lalaboobaby,thx for visiting my blog, and leaving your comment/compliment on my post "Retightening my hair.. argghhhhh!"

Congrats, on your NEW SL journey! YOUR new SL are the best I've seen starting with permed ends. How much new-growth did you start with? I started with 2-inches and the rest was permed about 3-inches. LOVE EVERY stage of your SL journey with permed ends because your hair WILL drastically change (like everyone else) but with very stark visual changes that happen so "fast" that you may or may not recognize it until you see pics of yourself overtime. I think what happens is that you have such a love affair with your hair and you are just basking in your liberation that you just love your locs/your new natural self thru it all.

I can show you better than I can tell you... See my humble beginnings
(The pics run from more current to this link is page 2)

BTW... much success as you earn your credentials to become a high school Counselor! I am a high school SpEd Teacher of 10+ years myself...


Lalaboobaby said...

Thanks Kecia for posting on my blog. I had approx. 4 inches of natural and the rest was perm. My consultant measured my hair as 9 inches total. I do feel liberated as you mention, this is the best decision I've ever made for my overall self.