Saturday, August 30, 2008

Suspense Is Over

Ok folks, so I kept yal in suspense all week long. I'll be nice and tell you what's up. I was concerned about some of the sizing and parting of my locks. I had some issues resolved at my retightening, then after leaving noticed another issue with a lock and that more of locks that needed splitting weren't. So after one lock issue was resolved during the week, I got well.......concerned. So take into consideration that I'm using a trainee who has over all done a great job and is very, very nice. Anyway I called the original SL consultant who is certified and talked to her about my concerns. She encouraged me to inform my consultant about my concerns which I did to a point. I scheduled an appointment with the certified consultant for her to look over my locks. See...I can't see the locks on the very top and back. Yal know what I mean. Only way you can see your scalp in those areas well is if someone helps by holding a mirror or taking pictures for you to view. Well I don't have anyone to help me on either of those fronts. So today I went for my appointment. She looked through my locks and listened to my concerns. She told me with all the hair I have that my consultant actually did a great job. She did notice and agreed some more locks could be split. She also encouraged me regarding the parting concern I had. Pretty much due to the density of my hair (have alot all over the place), that it's ok if some of it's not exactly perfect. She did agree to take some down and split them in the front for me.

I asked her if she felt it was ok that I used the semi-permanent color (used on my front hairline to cover grey). She discourages using anything other than the shampoo and water during the immature period. Well, what's done is done. So in the end, I got the assurance I needed regarding my locks. Now I do feel a little guilty not telling my consultant that I was seeking advice from another, but you know's my hair, right? I have to do what feels right for me. It's my personal journey and I want it to be the best it can be. So I scheduled an appointment with the certified consultant so she can fix me up with the other locks we decided should be split at my 2 month retightening. I bet you want to know when I'll tell my current consultant and what I'll tell her. Well...she's nice and I'll call her this week. Now I'm a kind person, and hate to dissapoint someone or hurt their feelings. So I'm not quite sure how I'll tell her I'm cancelling my scheduled retightening with her. Now I'm not saying I'll never go back to her. In fact I may for the 3rd and rest of my retightenings. We'll see how it goes with the phone call at first. So yal know the news now. Give me your opinion on it all. Have you ran into a similar situation with your SL consultant or had a friend that has. How did they handle it? Oh and just in case you didn't know...I love my SL's!

Love, peace and no hair grease.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Picture

So yal I tried something new so excuse the bad parting on my end of the deal. After I took the picture I saw where I made the parting mistake and pulled those baby's to the right lane (LOL). I'm no big hairstylist so I give it a good ol' try. The other thing I noticed after using the semi-permanent color on just the front was that I had some it on my scalp. So if you look closely on the bottom row near my ear close to the front is a black spot, LOL. I just rubbed it off, goodness.

I may have some interesting news to share with yal after this up coming weekend. I think I may have to go on my gut feelings on something. Curious aren't yal? Hmmmmm what could I possibly mean. Well hope to not keep yal in suspense too long. Til later, yal know what I'm about to say............

Love, peace and no hair grease.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lock Loops, Nope

Ok so I tried the Lock Loops and didn't like the tight curls. Maybe after my locks mature and grow in length then I'll try them again. For now though I will stick with my Caruso's. One thing I will say positive about the Lock Loops was they were ok to sleep in since I put my hair in two pony tails and then rolled up with the Loops. I'll post a new picture probably tomorrow.

On another note I had my first retightening today with hardly and slippage. My head felt so refreshed afterward. Also my consultant split a few to make them smaller. She gave me the ok to use a semi permanent hair color. I just couldn't stand all the gray hair across my front hairline. I've been using one of those color wands but heck it's hot in Texas, so I sweat it right off. Ok that's it for now.

Love, peace and no hair grease.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lock Loops

Hi SL and locked family. So guess what arrived in the mail today? Yes, I ordered 2 bags of Lock Loops which is 60 loops total. I decided after watching some ladies' You Tube Vid's and reading blogs where the ladies reviewed them. I've been using the Caruso Steam Roller system and really like them. Now I want to try something else because there is no way one can sleep in those hard rollers compared to the Lock Loops from what I've found out. Ok, I haven't used them yet. Probably will before the week is out due to last night I just freshly rolled my hair with the Caruso's. So I'll post pictures when I do use them. If you have used the Lock Loops please feel free to post a comment on them. On another note this weekend will be my first retightening. I mentioned on a previous post that my consultant will split a few that I want smaller. Then I will officially be locked up for 1 month!

Love, peace and no hair grease.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lock Count Response

So someone asked today in my comments area what my lock count is. The reason it was asked was because I mentioned on an earlier post that my consultant is going to split some of my locks and make them smaller, (newborn SL's). Ok so I counted approx 307. I have read others blogs and they have mentioned from 400 on up to 600. I think once we split some of mine I still won't be at over 400, which is ok with me. Right now I have a lot of teeny ones. Mine are small, medium and large. I decided that especially a few on the top front that felt a bit on the large size that I want them small only. A few in the back my consultant mentioned she wants to split in the back which is fine with me also. I do know that the more locks you have, the longer your retightening sessions can be. So next weekend on the 23rd will be my appointment and I'm looking forward to seeing my consultant again. I love her personality. So ladies, please share if you with how many locks you have and mention any pros or cons or anything on your mind about it.

Peace, love and no hair grease.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Braid Out

Ok so I did a braid out after washing my SL's last night. I kind of like it. I put on a headband and pulled it back further on my head. I think this is a great weekend look with some pretty earrings. Also too, it' been almost one full week with my SL's. This has been the easiest hair week ever without extensions and hairline pulling braids. I'm so glad I made this choice. Also possibly next weekend I'll have more SL's to count since my consultant and I agreed to split some that seem a bit large. I think what I want is primarily the small and medium only, no large. This is one of the great things about SL's is that they can in a way be customized to your liking in way of size, and pattern due to need. Although we that have SL's that were created by one woman, we all look a bit different, special. I'm looking forward to the next stage of my journey no matter what comes up. It's natural, it's me, and all beautiful as a nubian black woman. Thank you Dr. Cornwell for creating something that is more than just a hairstyle but something that is liberating to so many of us women.

Peace, love, and no hair grease.

Friday, August 1, 2008

First Wash

Ok so tonight I washed my SL's for the first time. I did as my consultant instructed. She did tell me I could just bundle them and then band, but I opted for the extra protection in braiding and banding. All went well. I used the SL starter shampoo. Since I banded by turning the ends up and then banding, just pulling the part that I had turned up, the band just came off easily.
Ok so that pick isn't cute, but who's cute when they are going through the wash part, (LOL). After taking down all the braids I let my hair air dry. I'm planning on trying to do a braid out. I'll re-braid my SL's with them being a little wet and then take it down tomorrow. Wish me luck. I know the braid out's look great on the ladies with mature locks, so not sure how this is going to look on my newborn SL's.