Sunday, June 29, 2008

Transition Look

So I decided last year that I would no longer put perms in my head. From the time of being a little girl my mom kept my hair permed. I have always had lengthy thick course hair. As my life has taken on some changes culturally, so has my mind set regarding natural beauty. After stumbling across Sisterlocks, I decided after reading numerous blogs, especially Maryee’s, I knew Sisterlocks were for me. I made a call to a local consultant here in Austin last year from the Sisterlocks list. He and I talked a bit. I wasn’t ready yet last year but decided that I would set up a consultation with him when I was financially ready. Until then my transition style has mainly been Kinky Twist with the added hair. Now that it’s 2008, I’m now ready to have my SL’s installed this summer, but guess what....the local consultant is no longer listed. So now I would have to try finding another consultant. Unfortunately no on else is listed for Austin. All other consultants are mainly in Houston and Dallas. Too long of a drive, but if I had too...I
would choose someone in Houston since I have family there I could stay with over the weekend for my installation. So I started making calls a few months ago to consultants in Houston. They all sounded very nice. For some reason I looked at the SL listings and saw another name and this person is much closer. Thank God! This person is listed for being in Kyle, about 40 minutes away instead 3 hours. The number for the consultant wasn’t local which was weird and it didn’t work. Darnit. She did have an email, so I tried . After about a day I think, she responded, thank you Lord. She not only responded by email but sent a link to her website and gave her telephone number. Matter of fact she’s one of the ladies shown on the SL photo gallery. After talking to her on the phone we scheduled a consultation. When I met her she was very nice and seems very knowledgable. I had been wearing my own hair down for a few weeks so she was able to examine it. She said it was very healthy.

So now it’s July and hopefully I’ll be getting my SL’s next month. I’m very excited. I’m still reading people blogs and checking out the Locked Hair Exchange for peoples updates. So many women have embraced their natural beauty and that in itself is wonderful. I find that when I’m out and about I know right away when someone has locs whether traditional or otherwise. Do you also?

The first two pictures are of my own hair down. I tried to make it decent with a hat on because I was going out. As soon as I go outside the humidity makes it puff up. I have about 5 inches of natural hair and all the rest is still perm. The other pictures are my transitional styles. Mainly I wear the kinky twist. The other is with braids I wore for about 2 months.

June 29, 2008 12:40 PM