Thursday, July 31, 2008

Need An Adjustment

Ok so after counting my SL's last night I noticed a few, just a few needed to be made smaller. Since I'm using a new trainee I'm ok with this small issue. I emailed her and she responded promptly and said that their may be a few in the back that would need to be made smaller also. This is cool. I'm glad that we can communicate with one another and that she's willing to make the necessary adjustments. I wanted to share this with my SL and natural hair community because as I've read a few blogs and discussion board issues, sometimes things may happen. It's so important that instead of getting upset and just running off to find another consultant, to instead talk to them about your concern. Your consultant may not even know their may be an issue if you don't speak up. Give them the opportunity to correct this problem and also learn from the experience. I'm grateful for my consultant and that I am one of her clients that she will have to help perfect her craft. Although just a few SL's will have to be split, heck my hair still looks fab!! I'll of course post a response after we meet up hopefully within the next week.

Love, peace and no hair grease.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Way To Blog From iPhone

So I'm posting twice tonight, but wanted to test out a new way to post. So yal can ignore this one. I will say that blogging through my phone will be an added asset for my journal when I'm not home. My locks will be my addiction like my iPhone : )

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Loving My SL's

So I'm totally enjoying wearing my baby sl's. I feel so free and straight up liberated. It's funny though...I have all this hair but my hair feels so light that I have to look at my reflection to see if I'm ballheaded (LOL). I think this is the best decision for me. A lady on the Lock It Up Group posted about wearing Kinky Twist and a twist coming out. Well Kinky Twist was my main transitional hair style and tore my hair line up in the front. I have a lot of short hairs across the front but then the rest is long. If you are wearing a transitional style please ask the person doing your hair to take great care in this area.

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Day

So today was my first day at work with my new SL's. Last night what I did was flat ironed the permed ends and then pulled my hair up in a pony (Salkis Re recommended this). Then I used my Caruso Steam Rollers on the ends. I left them in overnight and took out this morning to beautiful curls. I received so many compliments, even from the ladies at my kids daycare. I'm wearing these locks proudly. I'm excited about seeing my locks change over the next several months and years to come. If you're someone who just recently had your SL's installed, I say congrats. If you're someone who is on the fence I say give it a try, you won't regret it.

PS. I don't have the plucked chicken look due to the density of length of my hair. YIPPY!

SL Birth

So this weekend July 26th and 27th my SL's were installed over 23 1/2 hours on 9 inches of hair. I was so happy and still am about my locks finally being installed. My consultant is Timothi here in Austin. She's a trainee and I think she did fabulous job. We watched plenty of movies and chatted like old girlfriends. A few times I was able to nod off for a little nap. I brought myself some food but my wonderful consultant also brought us some food and drinks. She's so thoughtful. Enjoy the picks and please feel free to leave comments.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Weekend

Well this weekend is the start of my new beginning. Yes....I have my SL installation. I've very excited to start this new chapter in my life. I think I'm well prepared mentally for some ups and downs of my journey. Hopefully the downs will be minimal like....the plucked chicken look. Hopefully due to my lengthy hair and thickness I won't have much the scalp showing. I did purchase this past weekend the Caruso roller set to add some curls sometimes. Also on Sunday my consultant checked my sample locs. She said I had a little slippage put all is quite well. So yal pray for me (LOL) or I should say pray for my consultant because the poor woman has a whole lotta head to loc.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Consultant

Ok so I kept checking the SL site for consultants. The reason being was due to cost factor. The consultant I was going to use...well her price was quite steep. One day I checked the listings and saw that now a trainee was listed for Austin (yes Lord). Ok so we talked on the phone and after a few days I called back and scheduled a consult. Well that was for today. She's nice and seems to know her stuff. Very informative. She does traditional locs also. She put in 7 sample locs and gosh they are so tiny. They are in a 4 pattern. She also measured my hair (quite lengthy). So guess what ladies and gents....I'm scheduled for installation on July 26th & 27th. I'm quite excited yal, and a little nervous. Ok she told me what to with my sample locs till we meet briefly after a week for her to check them. Check out my pic below.