Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long Time, Still Rep'n

Hello all,

I know I'm several months behind, but life has been busy. Also I hadn't noticed much of a change in my Sisterlocks until recently. It's like suddently at 27 months, I noticed crazy length. Has things been a piece of cake, no, not at all. I have learned a few things and one's hair and it will do what it will do, lol. I'm still self maintaining my Sisterlocks. Also not loc related, I'm now down 60 lbs. That right there is amazing and still have more pounds to go. I can now take full body pictures without feeling self conscious and wanting to hide behind my kids, (some of yal know what I mean). Anyway, a few pics for your enjoyment pleasure, with one being a little styling.

Love, peace, and no hair grease.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Almost 2 Years

Well folks, on the 26th and 27th of this month I'll be celebrating my 2 yr. mark. It's been a sometimes frustrating, but also exciting journey indeed. Do I regret making this decision to get Sisterlocks? Not in your life. This weekend I retightened my own locs, and it only took me from approx. 7 pm, to about 6 am. the following morning, with a break of about 2 hours in between. Yes I stayed up all night doing it because I wasn't sleepy. Anyway, even with the clipping of my permed ends, I have experienced so much growth. A few locs have sealed, but of course majority have not. I was initially told my Therza 2 years ago that it would probably take 3 yrs. to be fully loc'd. Well looks like she was right. It's ok though because I love my hair. I love the ringlets on some ends, the fuzzy ends of others, but those straight permed one's will be defeated! LOL. Anyway, I hope that my journey over the past two years have inspired others to take that leap, especially those who start off will a lot of permed hair like I did. I think I understand myself and my hair so much more with taking this journey. This journey has also sparked other journey's too, like my weightloss. So far I have lost 40 lbs. since the end of February this year. I feel liberated by my hair, and renewed by my size. God bless you all and don't forget....

Love, peace, and no hair grease.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Q & A Temporary Color Spray

Ok, isn't this special. I'm posting two days in a row. So I had two questions regarding my last post. One was what did I use for the color. I purchased the product from Sally's Beauty Supply. It's called "Streaks 'N Tips" Temporary Highlight Spray in red. I think it cost about $6 or so. Since it's in a spray can, you can control how much cover you want and where.

The other question was how long I've maintained this look. Well I only purchased the product yesterday. I used the product last night, and today was the first full day out and about with this look. It's quite humid here in Austin, but the color has not bled on my clothes or flaked off. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. Also, someone who possibly sprays more of the product over the hair and closer to their collar may be able to determine if the color rubs off. I didn't notice anything on my scalf that I wear at night, if that helps. Also I didn't retouch my curls when I did my grooming/maintenance. Therefore the curls I have now are leftovers from using my Caruso rollers last week.

Thanks for the compliments ladies. Keep posting responses. I love it!

Love, peace and no hair grease.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Almost 21 Months

I am so shameful : ) I'm so behind and slacked on my blog. Life has been so busy that my blog was put on the back burner. Well this post is to help make up for that. Yep, got pictures this time. Let me start by saying a couple of weeks ago I decided to do my own retightening. It took me two nights over the weekend. Went pretty smooth. Saved myself some duckets too, yal know what I mean. Then last weekend I decided to wash my Sisterlocks, but give them a bit of extra TLC. Well I did a stupid thing. I thought since I'm so far into my journey now, that I could just this time, wash without braiding (stopped banding months ago). So I washed with my Sisterlock starter shampoo, still using that. It felt so good to really get in there and wash my hair freely. Then I towel dried it a bit and applied the Sisterlock moisterizer cream mainly to the scalp and the rubbed excess down the locs. I let my hair air dry and later I used my Caruso Steam rollers to put curls in my locs. day I noticed bunching in a number of my locs. DANGIT! It didnt' look cute yal, not at all. See I started out with pretty much all my hair going down my back as permed except for about 3 inchs. Well of course I've cut my hair numerous times, including last night to get rid of the permed hair, gradually. Anyway, I had to fix that mess. Pretty much what I did was later in the week, I took down my locs up to where the bunching was. All that hair that was bunched was permed anyway. I braided these back down. Now for the Sisterlock purest, don't get upset with me, but I had to do something and waiting to see my Consultant in four more weeks was out. Then last night, I realized that I needed to just cut some more. I started working on those permed ends. I cut off the parts I braided too. I also realized that instead of grooming those hairs that stick out our locs, they should be treated as gold and reincorporated back in the loc. The top of my head looked a mess this week and I realized that it's because those hairs are sticking out on the top of my head. So what I did was go through my locs and wrap those hairs sticking out right back onto the individual locs. I would say that after doing the front half, and only retightening the front edges, my locs look so beautiful and refreshed. Who would have known that just doing that bit of maintenance which also helps to reinforce the strength of my locs would be just the simple and free thing to do? So yal, here's some pics from last month and today. I used a spray on haircolor that wash's out to just give me a bit of change and have fun since I don't dye my hair. Enjoy, and share what you think of my new maintenance technique.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Know, I'm Late

Hello fellow locers and lurkers. I'm late in posting. Life has been hectic with lot's of life challenges and busy, busy, busy with school, work and kids. Last month I also developed walking pneumonia. That really sucked. Now allergies are hitting me up. Oh well. My Sisterlocks are doing there thing. I hope to post some pics soon. I did my own retightening over the weekend. First night took me about 5 hours. The second night about 2 or so. I've also purposely combined a few that were thin. Well that's it. This was a guilt blog more than anything : )

Love, peace, and no hair grease.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

18 Months

I know, I'm a couple weeks late posting this. I have passed the 18 month mark in my journey. I remind myself that it's truly a journey. I have experienced a few weeks locs, but otherwise it's all good. I'm still enjoying my Sisterlocks. Not much else to say, but I do have some new pictures for you all. I'll try to be on time when I reach 19 months in a few more weeks.

Love, peace, and no hair grease.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year/17 Months

Hello everyone!!

I trust that everyone had a great start into the new year. I went into the new year with a new addition to my family. No, I didn't have a baby or adopt one. Two days before Christmas I got married! Yes, I'm now a Mrs. It's quite an adjustment. I think transitioning into Sisterlocks was easier, LOL. Anyway.......back to hair.

At my retightening appt. before Christmas Gregory told me I'm about 88% locked. That is exciting news. I've notice so much change over the past 17 months. It's been amazing with the changes and feeling the difference in my hair. I still every now and then cut some ends off that are permed. I don't have much left from what I can tell. The down side is that a few locks in the front had to be cut down due to damage. Not sure if the grooming contributed to thinning in areas or too much manipulation when doing bantu knots. Therefore, I'm more careful with my locks now. I don't plan to get another grooming for a long time. During my grooming several months ago a lock was damaged and had to be repaired temporarily. Do I think grooming is a necessary or good thing? Not sure. What are your thoughts? Have you had a grooming that went bad? Were electric clippers used, or scissors?

Til later,

Love, peace and no hair grease.