Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year/17 Months

Hello everyone!!

I trust that everyone had a great start into the new year. I went into the new year with a new addition to my family. No, I didn't have a baby or adopt one. Two days before Christmas I got married! Yes, I'm now a Mrs. It's quite an adjustment. I think transitioning into Sisterlocks was easier, LOL. Anyway.......back to hair.

At my retightening appt. before Christmas Gregory told me I'm about 88% locked. That is exciting news. I've notice so much change over the past 17 months. It's been amazing with the changes and feeling the difference in my hair. I still every now and then cut some ends off that are permed. I don't have much left from what I can tell. The down side is that a few locks in the front had to be cut down due to damage. Not sure if the grooming contributed to thinning in areas or too much manipulation when doing bantu knots. Therefore, I'm more careful with my locks now. I don't plan to get another grooming for a long time. During my grooming several months ago a lock was damaged and had to be repaired temporarily. Do I think grooming is a necessary or good thing? Not sure. What are your thoughts? Have you had a grooming that went bad? Were electric clippers used, or scissors?

Til later,

Love, peace and no hair grease.