Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lock Loops, Nope

Ok so I tried the Lock Loops and didn't like the tight curls. Maybe after my locks mature and grow in length then I'll try them again. For now though I will stick with my Caruso's. One thing I will say positive about the Lock Loops was they were ok to sleep in since I put my hair in two pony tails and then rolled up with the Loops. I'll post a new picture probably tomorrow.

On another note I had my first retightening today with hardly and slippage. My head felt so refreshed afterward. Also my consultant split a few to make them smaller. She gave me the ok to use a semi permanent hair color. I just couldn't stand all the gray hair across my front hairline. I've been using one of those color wands but heck it's hot in Texas, so I sweat it right off. Ok that's it for now.

Love, peace and no hair grease.

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Jamofism said...

Glad you didn't experience problems sleeping in them. I don't have enough for pony tails yet, but will try that when able. I'll check back for the pics.

Brown ButtahFly said...

I feel you on the tight curls. When I first started my journey I rarely used my soft spikes,I hated the tight curls. Now that my locks are a little longer, I appreciate the curls. Take Care

CarmenNC said...

I did a post on Lock Loops. I don't care for tight curls. So I pulled them up into a cute updo. They are more user/bedtime friendly than the perm rods. My locks are not mature enough for them right now. So I'll give them another try once my locks have settled.

Anonymous said...

LaShonda, my consultant just gave me the o.k. for semi permanent color also (6 1/2 months). I'm not sure what brand is best -- any advice? Please and Thank You

Naturally KiKi said...

LOL...I guess I'm the only one right now who likes the tight curls with the Lock Loops, especially in the immature stage. I just got Sisterlocked a week ago and used them immediately. They do me justice as far as the relaxed ends are concerned. The curls make my hair look fuller. I love the ease of use and how comfortable they are to sleep in. If I didn't use the Lock Loops, my relaxed ends would be all over the place. I can't wait for my hair to grow out more...I know the curls will be even prettier with the Lock Loops. I'm going to give the Caruso curlers a try in the near future. I hope I like the curls they produce also.