Saturday, August 30, 2008

Suspense Is Over

Ok folks, so I kept yal in suspense all week long. I'll be nice and tell you what's up. I was concerned about some of the sizing and parting of my locks. I had some issues resolved at my retightening, then after leaving noticed another issue with a lock and that more of locks that needed splitting weren't. So after one lock issue was resolved during the week, I got well.......concerned. So take into consideration that I'm using a trainee who has over all done a great job and is very, very nice. Anyway I called the original SL consultant who is certified and talked to her about my concerns. She encouraged me to inform my consultant about my concerns which I did to a point. I scheduled an appointment with the certified consultant for her to look over my locks. See...I can't see the locks on the very top and back. Yal know what I mean. Only way you can see your scalp in those areas well is if someone helps by holding a mirror or taking pictures for you to view. Well I don't have anyone to help me on either of those fronts. So today I went for my appointment. She looked through my locks and listened to my concerns. She told me with all the hair I have that my consultant actually did a great job. She did notice and agreed some more locks could be split. She also encouraged me regarding the parting concern I had. Pretty much due to the density of my hair (have alot all over the place), that it's ok if some of it's not exactly perfect. She did agree to take some down and split them in the front for me.

I asked her if she felt it was ok that I used the semi-permanent color (used on my front hairline to cover grey). She discourages using anything other than the shampoo and water during the immature period. Well, what's done is done. So in the end, I got the assurance I needed regarding my locks. Now I do feel a little guilty not telling my consultant that I was seeking advice from another, but you know's my hair, right? I have to do what feels right for me. It's my personal journey and I want it to be the best it can be. So I scheduled an appointment with the certified consultant so she can fix me up with the other locks we decided should be split at my 2 month retightening. I bet you want to know when I'll tell my current consultant and what I'll tell her. Well...she's nice and I'll call her this week. Now I'm a kind person, and hate to dissapoint someone or hurt their feelings. So I'm not quite sure how I'll tell her I'm cancelling my scheduled retightening with her. Now I'm not saying I'll never go back to her. In fact I may for the 3rd and rest of my retightenings. We'll see how it goes with the phone call at first. So yal know the news now. Give me your opinion on it all. Have you ran into a similar situation with your SL consultant or had a friend that has. How did they handle it? Oh and just in case you didn't know...I love my SL's!

Love, peace and no hair grease.

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Jamofism said...

I'm glad you got the assurance you needed. On another note, you've just been tagged. Go to my blog for instructions if you're interested.