Thursday, July 31, 2008

Need An Adjustment

Ok so after counting my SL's last night I noticed a few, just a few needed to be made smaller. Since I'm using a new trainee I'm ok with this small issue. I emailed her and she responded promptly and said that their may be a few in the back that would need to be made smaller also. This is cool. I'm glad that we can communicate with one another and that she's willing to make the necessary adjustments. I wanted to share this with my SL and natural hair community because as I've read a few blogs and discussion board issues, sometimes things may happen. It's so important that instead of getting upset and just running off to find another consultant, to instead talk to them about your concern. Your consultant may not even know their may be an issue if you don't speak up. Give them the opportunity to correct this problem and also learn from the experience. I'm grateful for my consultant and that I am one of her clients that she will have to help perfect her craft. Although just a few SL's will have to be split, heck my hair still looks fab!! I'll of course post a response after we meet up hopefully within the next week.

Love, peace and no hair grease.

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ctd_baby76 said...

you didn't say how much locks u counted! Enquiring minds want to know.