Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Consultant

Ok so I kept checking the SL site for consultants. The reason being was due to cost factor. The consultant I was going to use...well her price was quite steep. One day I checked the listings and saw that now a trainee was listed for Austin (yes Lord). Ok so we talked on the phone and after a few days I called back and scheduled a consult. Well that was for today. She's nice and seems to know her stuff. Very informative. She does traditional locs also. She put in 7 sample locs and gosh they are so tiny. They are in a 4 pattern. She also measured my hair (quite lengthy). So guess what ladies and gents....I'm scheduled for installation on July 26th & 27th. I'm quite excited yal, and a little nervous. Ok she told me what to with my sample locs till we meet briefly after a week for her to check them. Check out my pic below.


shavonne said...

I would continue to look for a consultant. I took a look at your picture close up and I noticed a gap in the third lock you have extended. That's not good. A blogger by the name of Wendy had issues with her Sisterlocks. You can read up on it here: Wendy lock trouble

I think if you are going to get Sisterlocks, you should get then done right the first time. Wendy had to get her locks taken out and reinstalled.

Lalaboobaby said...

Shavonne I appreciate you looking out for a sista. I did take a closer look at the loc you mentioned. I emailed my consultant and was relieved to find out that at my follow-up ck you will take a look at that particular loc closer. Since she's a trainee I'm not going to give up on her just because of one loc. Every certified consultant started as a trainee and if no one ever gave them a chance they wouldn't be the professionals they are today.