Saturday, November 1, 2008

Three Months

Hi everyone!

I have officially been locked three months now and still loving my Sisterlocks. I of course have lock envy when I'm checking out some of my favorite blogs and discovering new ones. What a great community we have in the lock world. Yesterday I did my early voting and saw a young lady with locks. They were small and beautiful. I wanted to ask her if they were Sisterlocks, or locks created by braids or some other form, but too chicken to approach her. Oh well. I don't have any new pictures for yal this time because I don't look any different. I still mainly wear my locks curled either by doing Bantu Knots, or my Caruso Steam Curlers. I have been using a clarifying shampoo since I was told I could, but don't quite like it. So I went ahead tonight and ordered two bottles of the Sisterlock Starter shampoo. I say...stick to what works whatever that may be. I know that some ladies had itching issues with the SL shampoo, but it works great for me. I actually had itching issues with the clarifying shampoo. I think it was too drying.

So last weekend I had my retightening appointment and all is going well. My consultant says that my hair is beautiful, and I agree (LOL). My hands are always in my hair, yep I got the desease (LOL). I went ahead and pre-scheduled my next two retightenings, so I'm set for the rest of the year. Well folks if I do some new look I'll take pictures for you.

Love, peace, and no hair grease.


Anonymous said...

Time is flying!! Great job on early voting. How long did you have to wait? I early voted yesterday after waiting 4 hours...phew! Glad I did it!! WOOHOO!!

Lalaboobaby said...

Thanks for stopping by Meikmeika. It only took me approx. 30 mins. or so in line. The booth workers had a good system going. Glad I got it over with as well. Now just need to wait till Tuesday and watch the elections coverage.