Monday, November 17, 2008

Few Update Pictures

So by next weekend I will have been Sisterlock'd for four months. I'm still in love with them even with my permed ends. I purchased another Tomoka Twist. It's so cute! I still would like to get some Brunsli hairties. I hope she get's them up for sale soon. Anyway here's a few pictures for you. I tried to do a texture pic, but my camera on my Macbook only does a so-so close up job.


Ezme said...

Wow your locs are as luscious as ever. Looking soooo good
Am i jealous.....yes i am, if u wanna know why check out the problems i have been going through with these crazy locs!!

Stay Blessed

CarmenNC said...

Hello! Thank you for your purchase. Your hair looks so good too. I'm making a few hair ties similar to Brunsli's.