Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures from the meetup

I promised pictures and here they are. We had ladies with Sisterlocks, Traditional locks, Twists, locks started by two strand twists, and one with an Afro puff. We also had two permies which was my mom and oldest daughter. Oh and one of the attendees brought her pretty daughter as well. We all shared about our journeys and discussed other things on our minds about our natural hair experiences. I also gave out bags with gifts donated by some great vendors. We appreciate all the vendors that were represented. I'll list them below. We plan to gather together again August 29th to view a film called "400 Years Without A Comb". We'll also talk about our products and share any natural product recipes with one another. It will be potluck style. Yal, those who know me, know I don't cook. (LOL) I'll have to hit my mom up to make something for me.

Vendor List:
African Visions - Unique African Decor/Natural Hair & Skin Care (Texas) 512-821-1824
Ododo Originals - Beaded Flower Accessories/
Tomoka's Twists - Fashion Accessories/
Lock Scrunchie - The Classy Trend of Hair Accessories/

Ladies, let's support our black business owners by purchasing their products. We must uplift them, and in return, we will look fabulous!

Love, peace, and no hair grease.


Maryee said...

Glad you ladies had a successful meet-up in Austin! Sorry we couldn't make it! We need more lock exposure in Central Texas, so keep it up!!!!

Lalaboobaby said...

Austin did represent with natural hair. Thanks for stopping by Maryee. We do hope to come up to Dallas yal's next meetup. Let me know when you lady's plan one.

Maryee said...

I've been a bit out of the loop since I started teaching, but hopefully if I am able to attend one in DFW or in Austin, I'll promote it on my blog. I didn't know Greg Day was still locking. Does he have a website?

Lalaboobaby said...

I don't believe Gregory Day has a website. There was a lady that emailed me about him, and I passed on his info. He's no longer listed on, but he's still doing Sisterlocks.

Dominica said...

I'm about a month or two away from my hair being long enough for an initial install. However, I would like to ask you or your readers WHO does their hair!!! The only certified consultant listed in the Austin area actually lives in Memphis. HELP!

Lalaboobaby said...


Their is a trainee listed as Timothy Ann. I currently see Gregory Day who used to be listed for years on the Sisterlock listing, but just hasn't recert'd. He has over 14 years of experience. You can call him at 512-280-3731. He's located in South Austin. Good luck, and let me know if you have further questions. I would be happy to try and answer them.

NBO said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They turned out great! Looking forward to the potluck in a few more weeks. Naijean

Anonymous said...

Love it that your meetup included other natural hair folks, and that you supported Black businesses! (Dr. C)