Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Little of this and that

So one of my guilty pleasures is watching YouTube videos on all things of interest, especially locs. I don't care what type of locs, Sisterlocks, traditional, braidlocks, whatever. What I DON'T like is when someone titles their video as Sisterlocks, and low and behold they don't have Sisterlocks. It's something they did all on their own, and God bless them for being able to DIY, but don't fake the funk. Just call it what it is and be proud. This is how I feel yal, I respect all flavors of locs. My issue is that I went to a trained individual who attended the official Sisterlock training so that I could get Sisterlocks. I paid the price and keep them maintained by someone who has over 14 yrs of experience doing Sisterlocks using the Sisterlock tools. Ok, enough of that, just annoys the heck out of me.

A patient came into my office today for her daughter to be seen (work in a dental practice), and she said something like this, "You still have your Sistercurls." Yal I thought that was so funny. I told her it was all right, that yes I still have my Sisterlocks, but yep, they are curly. She's a cool lady. I even invited her to come to the Austin Sisterlock/Natural hair meetup for next Saturday.

Final thang, yal I love this new cute short look. I think it's sassy. This will though be the last cut for a while as my locs grow over the next year. Will see when it's time to cut more permed hair off which is mostly towards the front. The back is pretty much all natural except for approx. about an inch. on some. I love being natural, it's so liberating and makes me proud to be a black woman. I have all my life battled my hair, even with my grandmother pressing it out with a hotcomb sometimes. I've always had lengthy hair, but never truly been happy with it. Please tell me why we black women put perms in our hair to "straighten" it, but then turn around and add hairweave to add thickness??? Crazy huh? I can't help but laugh at that thought. Like the patient's mom today thought maybe I had added hair to my head because it's so full. I told her no, it's all mine. She said her's is so thin. I said it's thin because you put perms on it. She agreed to that. She also said "you have good hair", I told her.... good hair is healthy and clean. She smiled on that. Come on ladies, let's stop fighting our natural beauty and accept ourselves as God intended, NATURAL. You're beautiful, I'm beautiful, whether your hair is thick, thin, short or long. It's all a gift from the Almighty.

Love, peace, and no hair grease.


Felicia said...

Your locks look beautiful. This reminds to continue the course and stay on the journey. Thank you for your blog!!!

Lalaboobaby said...

Hi Felicia,

Yes, stay on the path my sista. Soon we'll all have the "down to there" locs.