Saturday, September 27, 2008

Consultant is leaving

Hey everyone. I just got home from my second retightening. I got the news that my consultant is leaving Texas and going back to Tennessee. I'm heartbroken. She's an excellent certified consultant. I wish I had more time to experience her expertise. I am grateful for being able to get my hair retightened before she leaves. We have tentatively scheduled another retightening for next month. I'll be calling her in two weeks to see if we'll be keeping that appointment. She did give me a card for another person that used to be listed on the Sisterlock site. He's not on there anymore, but I have heard through the grapevine that he's good and has many years of experience. He's actually the one I called last year when I was in my research phase for Sisterlocks. I did give him a call on my way home to inquire on his pricing for was I shocked! He charges $50 an hour. Goodness! Oh well, if I must pay it to get the job done, then I will. My retightening today only took 2 1/2 hours at $30 an hour. See my reason for the price shocker? Anyway, I've been keeping my hair regimen easy. I shampoo with the starter shampoo once a week. Then after taking the bands and braids out, I separate. I let it air dry a bit, then put my hair in Bantu Knots. The next morning I take the Bantu's out and have curls that last me all week till I wash again. I haven't been using my Caruso's unless a curl goes straight on me. Well that's it, check out my fresh pictures taken a few minutes ago.

Love, peace, and no hair grease.


Ezme said...

Your locks are beautiful to match a beautiful face!!!
Absolutely lovin those locs and the fact that your doing so much styling with them. Great Stuff

Stay Blessed

Lalaboobaby said...

Thank you Ezme for the compliments, it means a lot.

euphoria said...

I can feel you on the 50 an hour that's what mines charge it's hard when you find someone you like.

Shavonne said...

Your hair is so cute! I'm jealous.:)

Lalaboobaby said...

Thank you Shavonne for the love girl. I really appreciate it. Although I'm still in the beginning stages of my journey, I'm still loving each step.