Thursday, June 30, 2011

Updo/Short Hair Fakeout

I did the updo with just using Lock Loops, and a large rubber band to hold the large curls up. Then pulled some down on the side and swooping the other front side up and back. Makes it look like it's cut this way, but nope. All my length is still there.


Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

absolutly love it! & you look radiantly beautiful

Docs Locs said...

Nice! ~DL

Tangled Hair Techs said...

Looks good, but if you ever decide to transition to another natural hair style look- just use the Take Down Remover cream for taking out braids, weaves, twists or natural dreadlocks.

The product detangles very matted tangled hair easy and safely.

It also prevents hair breakage no matter how long your braids or weaves are in. It is great for women who are transitioning to natural hair from relaxers as well.

It is not a water based or glycerine based product-so it works on every type of hair texture, every head, every time.