Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello loc family! This month just on a whim, I sat up last Saturday night and started retightening the back half of my head with my Nappyloc tool. I didn't plan it but just did it. It felt good to to this since I scheduled my next retightening for September which would make two months since my last one. Then I kept working on my loc's through the week, until........... I dropped my tool down my sink. Now I knew better than to stand in front of my sink doing that. What in the world! LOL Oh well, I went ahead and ordered another. Should have it sometime this upcoming week. Also I realized after my Friday shampoo, that I need to order more Starter Shampoo. I know some ladies have mentioned that it didn't work for them for one reason or another, but I haven't had any problems.

What I have noticed about my Sisterlocks, is that it truly has loc'd over this past year. My middle child and I just measured a few of my locs and came up with 4 - 4 1/2 inches loc'd. So that's the growth in one year. Then I have approx. 3 inches to on some 4 inches of permed ends. My hair if pulled down hits my shoulder since my little chop July 3rd. So when I hit my 2nd year anniversary, I think I'll have about 8 inches loc'd. Oh gosh that will be so nice. Hopefully my then, after a final cut of all permed ends, then the ends will seal, and all the locs will hang straight. Due to having the different textures I don't freestyle. Anyone with permed ends freestyling? If so be sure to comment so I can check out your blog with pictures. My hair is so thick, I haven't even tried to see what it would look like. I continue to curl with Bantu Knot's, Caruso Steam Roller, or due Braidouts.

A final note. I'm considering having my middle daughter who just turned 9 last weekend, get Sisterlocks. Her natural hair hangs down her back when pulled straight. I've talked to her about it. She's quite tenderheaded and hair combing if not straightened out with a flat iron is a whole lot of drama. If anyone has loc'd their daughter's hair, let me now how it's gone. I have read a few people's blogs about their little girls journeys. All I can say is wonderful! Well that's it for now yal. I included a crazy picture I did with my Photo Booth program on my Macbook laptop. It was fun. See....Sisterlocks look good in all kinds of ways. LOL

Love, peace, and no hair grease.


new2locs said...

I think you would be giving your daughter a wonderful gift if she agree's to having her hair beautiful like her mommy's! I wish I would have been more aware of natural hair & loc's when my daughter was younger.

Euphoria's Sisterlocks said...

so are you thinking about becoming a DIY?

Lalaboobaby said...

Hi Euphoria,

I'm considering doing part-time DIY, if their is such a thing. I still have a few little baby's in the front hairline that want to come undone. Therefore, I want Gregory to keep on top of them for me till they behave them self. LOL

Felicia said...

I started with permed ends. Your ideas that you shared about how to do a braidout really helped me to like my new 5 month old locks more. I wish that I had taught my daughter to love her natural hair when she was younger. I wish you both the best!!

Anonymous said...

I saw on that Therza Yearwood is registered in Memphis.

Since she is no longer in Austin, do you know of anyone who is certified to do Sisterlocks? I don't see any names listed under the registry for Austin.

I currently have baby traditional locks, 6 months in. I want to convert to Sisterlocks.


Lalaboobaby said...

Gregory Day here in Austin, TX. maintains my Sisterlocks now. He used to be listed on the site but has chosen not to re-certify. He has many years of experience. He can be reached at his salon, Your Best Image 512-280-3731.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lala.

I will think about my decision some more because when I started my traditional locks, I didn't have the money for SLs.

But I am still admiring them a lot!

So I rather change to SLs now before I get too far w/these traditional ones.

Also the lady that started my traditional confirmed that Gregory does SLs.

Thank you,

God bless.


Lalaboobaby said...

Good luck on your decision. No matter what you decide, I'm sure it will be the best for you.

DivineBeauti said...

Your hair looks beautiful. I go for my talk/consult with a consultant by the name of timothi ann here in austin. I am so excited about getting sisterlock. your blog is great, I have started one myself, but it is still a baby and I am learning this blog thing, well keep up the great post. ;-D

C. Dominica said...

You were the very first person I started questioning about Sisterlocks in April. Now it's fun for me to "answer" this post. I am basically freestyling with relaxed ends. Of course, mine were just installed, and I haven't styled much. You can see how it looks here:

Lalaboobaby said...

Hi Dominica,

I'm so excited that you got your Sisterlocks installed. I read your blog,and tried to comment using two different browsers, but the comment page wouldn't open. You are looking good my sista. I also went to the Sisterlock site to find your consultant, whom is listed in College Station. How far away outside of Austin is that?

C. Dominica said...

I know of two people who have locked their young daughter's hair. One is the Sisterlocks consultant in Bryan, Kenya Austin. The other is a friend who lives in Austin. Both waited until their daughters wanted locks. I also think you would be giving your daughter a gift by allowing her to lock her hair if she wants to. I think she will have the gift of appreciating her natural texture.

Nacole said...

I ordered a NappyTool as well, but I can't seem to find any videos online or people who can show me how to retighten my hair. Could you recommend a site or video that could assist me and reightening my Sisterlocks on my own?

Lalaboobaby said...

Kalia Dewdrop has YouTube vids on retightening. Just go to YouTube and do a search for maintenance. I was trying to find Kalia's blog, but can't right now, sorry.