Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Styling Supplies

So I was asked how I achieve my hairstyles. Well let me tell you first that I'm no true stylist. I like things simple and quick. Some things I do to achieve my curls is doing Bantu Knots. I was my hair and then let it air dry a bit. While still wet I put it up in Bantu Knots all over. Then the next morning I take it down and fluff. Another thing I use is Lock Loops. Now months ago I used them for the first time, and hated the tight curls (look for earlier post of the loops). I didn't take a picture of the finished products because I wasn't pleased. Now that my locks have fatten up quite a bit I like the results better. I also do braidouts. I'm sure you all know how to do that, if not let me know or check out YouTube, plenty of videos of lady's braidouts and tutorials. Last and my favorite is using my Caruso Steam Roller system. I learned about this item before I had my installation last year by reading Brunsli's blog. I went right out before my installation and purchased one. I have since replaced my original since it fizzled out. To achieve the curls in the previous post from Monday, I put my hair up in a ponytail. Then I used the medium size steam rollers. In the front I left out some hair for bangs and used a large roller. I actually slept in the rods, which usually isn't necessary if you have enough time in the morning to do it. Otherwise I take it down in the morning and have curls that usually last more than a week. If a few locks straighten out, I just spiff it up with the steam rollers. I also have pictured some of the things I like to use sometimes to accesorize my hair. I didn't take a picture of my headbands because their nothing special. I do love my Tomoka Twists (thanks Carmen). Well I hope that answers the question on how I style. I have done some updo's too, and they are simple too. Mainly using a skinny scrunchie to hold the hair up that was previously curled with the steam rollers.

Love, peace and no hair grease.


Felicia said...

I am a newbie. I have been sisterlocked for almost 4 months. I would love to see tutorials on braidouts. Could you share how you do your braidouts or refer to which youtube sites to view? Thanks.

Lalaboobaby said...

Check out this link doing braidouts.


Lalaboobaby said...

Another thing Felicia, good luck on your journey. You won't regret your decision to lock, it's a wonderful experience.

Felicia said...

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate ladies like yourself sharing information with all of us natural sisters. Bless You!!