Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Birthday Gift

This post is not Sisterlock related. I just wanted to share what my friend (yes a guy), got me for my birthday. I will be a year older on the 21st of this month, but got the gift a bit early. It's my very first, ever Dooney and Bourke handbag. I picked it out and now that it's hear, I love it! It will look good as an accessory with my Sisterlocks (LOL). I plan to get a matching wallet by this summer. I did find a matching cover for my Amazon Kindle (ereader) on eBay. I plan to order that for myself this coming week. So that's about it yal. Oh, on the issue of probably starting to do my own retightenings, I may try after my next visit on May 2nd with a new consultant. We'll see. Of course I'll keep you all posted.

Love, peace, and no hair grease.

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